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Mobile Phone Photography

Today’s smart camera phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are the most useful tools that […]

12 Cool Android Camera Apps

Are you a shutterbug that likes utilizing latest Android mobiles as makeshift cameras? Want to spice up your images […]

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Mobile photography, as stock, would not have been on your radar even 6 months ago, but its evolution in recent months has been rapid and there’s no getting away from it now as a serious source of creative content. The next generation of photography, which is mobile, is upon us and it’s here to stay. Any concerns about mobile photography not being worthy of consideration should be wrapped up and thrown out with the rubbish. Mobile photography is opening up a whole new spectrum of content supply, […]

Make Cash With Your iPhone

Track Wifi Access Points Navizon is a peer-to-peer “virtual GPS” system that triangulates data collected from users with GPS devices, wifi signals and cell phone towers. In this way, those that do not have GPS systems can still benefit from location-mapping and finding services within the Navizon community. With Navizon, you can find nearby stores and other necessary locations, use its buddy tracker, and getotag items. And now, Navizon is available for the iPhone via or iBricker. Alternatively, you can get it directly through the zip […]

The Joy of Taking Awesome Pictures With Trick Photography

Do you remember when you first picked up a camera? Whether it was film or digital, it was exciting to explore the world and take pictures. We bring our cameras everywhere we go and just start snapping anything that looks even remotely interesting. Now that almost all modern smartphone has a decent camera, there is simply no reason why we shouldn’t be taking more interesting pictures more often. While we are snapping more photos than ever, the trick is to take photos that are interesting and not […]

Use Your Iphone to Take Great Photos

Nowadays, we are gradually going into the habit of using Apple iPhone to take pictures. Moms like to use their iPhone to capture the smiling faces of their children; Boyfriends hope to catch a touching side of their girlfrends; Travelers like to take pictures of themself to record and share their itinerary experiences at Facebook or Twitter. (BTW, this iTunes DRM media re-encoder let you share your iTunes media purchases freely). Since taking picture with iPhone has been part of our life, it’s time to learn how […]